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Take Your Marks…

This weekend we have collected our helium which has kindly been organised for us by Balloonatics, so a big thank you to them for their support, without people like them, projects like our’s would be nearly impossible.

Today( Sunday 11th ) will be a day of final preparations and testing so that we’re ready to launch in the week coming or the one after, unfortunately the weather for next week isn’t looking too good but there’s always the week after.

I have written a series of pre-flight checks and procedures to stop us making a mistake on the launch, to lose the balloon then would be a bit of a pain to say the least.

We had to buy a new camera the other day because a very fragile bit of cable between the shutter button and the main board got broken. It wasn’t me. Fortunately the cameras we’re using aren’t to dear so this isn’t a massive setback.

Oh and one other thing, we now have another new sponsor. Precision Labs from the USA. So a big thank you to them. For those of you interested in science in the real world their website is really rather interesting, I had a look and I though: this is the job that I sit though Chemistry lessons learning to do, but many times more practical and interesting. Follow this link to visit their website:

Wish us luck with the final testing.



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