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Methwold High School

Today Daniel and I went to see Mrs. Walker (our headteacher) about the possibility of our school supporting us in the construction and launch of the balloon. Mrs. Walker kindly agreed to support us and so now we are pleased to report that we are going to be supported by our school: Methwold High School (

It is very beneficial to have such a supportive and enthusiastic school and headteacher, so I would like to thank Methwold  High School and Mrs. Walker personally and also on behalf of the team.

Methwold High School


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When I checked my Emails this evening I was pleased to find a Email from Radiometrix saying that they will give us the radio modules. That just knocked £50 off our budget. Oh and I tided up the schematics a bit.

So a big thank you to Radiometrix!

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I’ve drafted a preliminary version of the schematic of the onboard avionics, it’s a bit a hard to follow (especially around the GSM module, although it is much better than the first one).  Its probably got a few errors on it but I’ll and correct them later .

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Emails sent

I’ve just finished sending emails to the companies who we would like to sponsor us with their products. Not expecting any replies until after the Easter weekend. I can see I’m going to be checking my emails every ten minutes next week 🙂

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