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Where We’ve Got To So Far….Part1:Our Intial Ideas.

The original idea to launch a balloon came from a science project. We were given the task to build a rocket and launch it but our group decided to make a balloon, because it was an easier way to get pictures of the earth’s curvature.

So we began planning our balloon and researching into some related topics. Our original idea was to have a 1kg payload and a large parachute pulled up to 80,000ft  by a balloon, at which point it would be popped by a pin on a servo.Our payload was going to include two digital cameras, a GPS and a GMS.


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The M.A.S.E. Team and What They Are Going To Do

The MASE team are a group of students from Methwold High School and we are going to send a balloon into space to get some cool pics of the earth from space,yes it sounds difficult and it is but we can do it and we will.

We are still at the development stage currently but it would be silly to rush off and get stuff wrong, one of the problems that we are facing is getting parts and funding to luanch our balloon.

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